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Legal Subscription

Legal Subscription Service is a guarantee of safety and continuity of decisions made, irrespective of the scale of business activity conducted.Accessible professional assistance and legal support at each stage of functioning in legal transactions (also with reference to individual clients) is possible based on package solutions, calculated depending on your needs, type of service provided and the range of activity ofthe Law Office.

As part of subscription-based legal service settled on the basis of a regular flat monthly fee, each Client choosing such solution is provided with a guarantee of stable cooperation with the Law Office and comprehensive support ensuring legal safety, minimization of risk of making wrong decisions, guidance in the world complicated bureaucratic procedures and development of effective templates of agreements to be used both in business transactions and in civil law cases.

Audits of the agreements, support in negotiations, interpretations and legal opinions prepared as part of the subscription service may include not only persons conducting business activity but also members of their families. Convenient forms of contact via e-mail, telephone or Skype guarantee an easy access and eliminate necessity of visiting the Law Office. We also provide support in English, which is of particular importance in the case of foreign companies and foreigners searching for legal support in conducting activity in the territory of Poland in the context of rapidly changing regulations.

Basic Package

civil cases
inheritance cases
debt collection
compensation for delayed /
cancelled flights
landlord / tenant law cases
family cases
labour law cases
criminal cases

Business Package

PLN net
provision of legal advice connected with
regular business activity
preparation of lawsuit documents,
payment requests
preparation of draft contracts
and agreements
labour law cases
preparation of court papers and other
documents in the scope of proceedings
at court, administration authorities
and public institutions
cases in the scope of bankruptcy
and recovery law
cases related to the National
Court Register